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Justice of the Peace

Congratulations & Welcome

Congratulations & Welcome!

My name is Sandy Golebiewski and I am a Justice of the Peace in the State of Massachusetts. 

 I became a Justice of the Peace so you could have your wedding your way. I feel very strongly about that. We will plan your ceremony together according to the time and place of your dreams! 



Your Wedding - Your Way!

 How very exciting for both of you! I feel strongly that you should be the creator of your wedding ceremony.  I will help you prepare one that feels perfect in your hearts!  It will be your custom ceremony.  I have performed hundreds of weddings and I am always told what a wonderful ceremony it was, but, my response is always "the ceremony belongs to the couple. Didn't they do a great job!” It's your wedding and it should be your way,

Sandy & Dick Golebiewski

Some places I've performed weddings

A few great locations I have been are Holliston Historical Society; Luciano's, Wrentham;  Coachman's Grill, Bellingham;  The Doubletree, Milford; several country clubs;  the Bellingham Town Common; the Franklin Town Common; and many truly awesome home weddings .

Contact Us

Please send me your full legal names along with the date, time and location of your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Officiant/Justice of the Peace - I would love to meet you and plan the wedding of your dreams.

Weddings By Justice Sandy